The Benefits of our Outdoor Awnings

MountainView Outdoor Living, March 11 2022

Awnings bring style and shade to your backyard patio or deck. There are many benefits of adding a retractable canopy to your home; here are some key points. Shade Design and Convenience The shade experts at Sunesta have designed a retractable awning that protects your patio from intense solar heat or light rain. Adding retractable awnings to your o...

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The 10' x 12' DIY Pergola Kit

MountainView Outdoor Living, March 2 2022

In our last blog, we talked about custom aluminum louvered Pergolas. Aluminum roofs are a modern, quality, and sustainable upgrade from the wooden pergola. We also offer a DIY 10' x 12' Louvered Pergola Kit that brings the same design at a lower price with easy installation. Traditional pergolas and patio covers cannot customize the shade you want...

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Benefits of the Louvered Aluminum Pergola

MountainView Outdoor Living, February 23 2022

What is an aluminum pergola? What are the benefits of the louvered roof? You may be asking these questions before you start designing your backyard's dream living space. Here are a few benefits of the aluminum louvered pergola. Weather Protection Alberta weather can be fickle. We know many of our customers want rain and sun protection. Aluminum Per...

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Top Solutions For a Hot Patio or Deck?

MountainView Outdoor Living, February 14 2022

If this upcoming summer in Calgary is anything like last year, we are in for another year of hot temperatures. Homeowners are looking to find the best solutions for their hot backyard patio or deck. MountainView Outdoor Living has various options to fit budget, application, or style choice. Our top 3 solutions are here;

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Titan Security Storm Doors

MountainView Outdoor Living, April 17 2020

During those hot, stuffy, summer days and nights you may want to leave your front and back doors open to let the cool breeze flow through your home. Traditional screen doors may be an option to consider, however, they do have draw backs. Traditional screen doors are easy to get through, from inside or out. You may have children or pets that can eas...

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Roll Shutters - Are they for you?

MountainView Outdoor Living, April 3 2020

You've likely seen roll shutters on store fronts, gas stations, foot counter windows and even people's homes. So what can roll shutters do for us in Calgary and surrounding area? Here are some reasons to consider adding roll shutters to your property. 1) Energy Efficiency; roll shutters can protect your property from the cold or heat, they can prov...

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Create an outdoor living space

MountainView Outdoor Living, March 20 2020

Enclose your covered porch or even your garage door. For some of us the garage is a place to just store items we use a couple times a year - sometimes so much that our vehicles stay parked on the street. For others, the garage is the workshop, den, studio, or lounge area. Increasingly the attached garage is an extension of the home's living space....

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Sunesta - Awnings and Screens

MountainView Outdoor Living, March 6 2020

At MountainView Outdoor Living we are proud to offer the highest-quality products for the Calgary area and southern Alberta. That's why we have partnered with Sunesta to offer high-quality patio awnings and retractable screens. Don't just take our word for it, here are just some of the reason's why Sunesta offers the highest-quality patio awnings a...

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Louvered Pergolas - creating the outdoor living space of your dreams.

MountainView Outdoor Living, January 13 2020

It's hard to get the most out of our outdoors. We have favorable summer temperatures but they're often short lived, at best. By adding a louvered pergola to your existing deck, patio, or backyard you can better control the elements and spend more quality time outdoors. Louvered pergolas are a rain (and snow) tight roof that opens at the push of a b...

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Motorized Retractable Screens - Covered Decks, Porches, or Patios.

MountainView Outdoor Living, December 19 2019

Having a covered deck, porch, or patio on your home is a trend with custom home builders for many years now. In Calgary, and surrounding areas, temperate climate (especially around Calgary) we hardly get full use out of our covered decks or porches. It's either too hot, too cold, or the bugs are out to get you.

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