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Roll Shutters - Are they for you?

You've likely seen roll shutters on store fronts, gas stations, foot counter windows and even people's homes. So what can roll shutters do for us in Calgary and surrounding area? Here are some reasons to consider adding roll shutters to your property.

1) Energy Efficiency; roll shutters can protect your property from the cold or heat, they can provide effective energy efficiency in four different ways. Solar block, roll shutters stop 100% of the UV radiation from reaching your windows - which is the most effective way to stop the sun from increasing heat into your property. Wind block, when a wind storm rolls through Calgary, roll shutters will stop drafts and keep cold air from blowing across (or through) your windows. The less your windows freeze, the less heat from your home will be lost through your windows. R-Value, roll shutters are constructed with materials that reduce heating and cooling costs of your home, the roll shutter adds an effective lay of insulation. Air pocket, roll shutters add an air pocket between the shutter curtain and your window. This is the same principle that makes double-paned or even triple-paned glass an advantage for heat exchange. Roll shutters create a dead-space of air in front of your window which adds insulating value to your window.

2) Weather protection; Wind block. Wind can bring more than just drafts into your home. Wind storms can carry dust, dirt, and debris that can potentially damage your windows. By adding roll shutters to your home you will ensure that additional wind propelled material will stay off your windows. Hail, we know that Calgary and southern Alberta can produce sever summer storms that produce hail. Hail can cause serious damage to your property and even shatter windows. Keep hail off your windows by adding roll shutters to your property. 

3) Privacy; not only are roll shutters great at blocking undesirable weather, they prevent unwelcome eyes. At the push of a button you can block any view into your property while preserving the natural look of your property both inside and out.

4) Security; whether you're looking for increased peace of mind at night, or you want to secure your property when you're not there you can trust the sturdy design of roll shutters to protect against forced entry or vandalism. Ask your insurance company about any additional savings by adding roll shutters to your property.

5) Noise reduction; the leading cause of noise pollution in our cities is automobile and aircraft traffic. Noise pollution can create tensions, stress and sleep disturbance leading to many health issues. Some people can be particularly sensitive to noise pollution including shift workers, night workers, and children. Roll shutters provide excellent noise insulation to prevent unwanted noise pollution entering your home.

At MountainView Outdoor Living we offer UltraLite roll shutters. UltraLite provides high-quality roll shutters that are manufactured from the original German roll shutter manufacturer, Heroal. Having access to high-quality roll shutters here in Calgary and surrounding area's means you will have access to locally produced high-quality roll shutters to add to your property.

Stop by our showroom in Calgary to see how roll shutters may work for you!

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