MountainView Outdoor Living, March 20 2020

Create an outdoor living space

Enclose your covered porch or even your garage door. For some of us the garage is a place to just store items we use a couple times a year - sometimes so much that our vehicles stay parked on the street. For others, the garage is the workshop, den, studio, or lounge area.

Increasingly the attached garage is an extension of the home's living space. Being able to use this space with the garage door open creates a wonderful indoor/outdoor environment. Adding a retractable screen to your garage has a few specific benefits: Keeps the inside of the garage clean from leaves and other debris, keeps bugs out of the garage and house, allows fresh air to circulate inside, provides an open view to outside, and can also provide daytime privacy. 

Along with the trend of screening in your garage is the ability to screen in your porch, patio or covered deck to create a comfortable outdoor living space free from debris, bugs, and those harmful UV rays. With our variety of fixed and retractable screens, homeowners can screen their porches or garages to their specific needs and design.

Join the trend towards enjoying a screen enclosure on your porch, patio, covered deck, or garage! We focus on providing retractable screens in the Calgary and southern Alberta region.

Stop by our showroom in Calgary to learn more about retractable screens and how you could benefit from them.

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