MountainView Outdoor Living, February 14 2022

Top Solutions For a Hot Patio or Deck?

If this upcoming summer in Calgary is anything like last year, we are in for another year of hot temperatures. Homeowners are looking to find the best solutions for their hot backyard patio or deck. MountainView Outdoor Living has various options to fit budget, application, or style choice. Our top 3 solutions are here; 

Louvered Aluminum Pergolas

The newest backyard shade solution on the market is the louvered aluminum pergola. It's the ultra-modern solution for rain, wind, snow, and sun. Combine the louvered roof with side shades or retractable screens, and you have a customizable 3-season room. The louvered roof is customizable with LED lights, heaters, and Bluetooth speakers. YYC homeowners can have a backyard that will have all the neighbours looking.

Retractable Screens

Calgary Homes designed with a covered porch can find their solutions with retractable motorized screens. Alberta summers can be hot, windy, and often buggy. Adding retractable screens will block out all the pesty bugs, create privacy for your backyard, protect you from UV and hot temperatures, and help limit the Southern Alberta winds.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings provide stylish and functional sun protection. You may ask, "are awnings still cool?" or "Can awnings be modern?" and the answer is yes! Retractable awnings have been updated and still provide the tried and true solution hot patios need. Combine solid fabric options and aluminum powder-coated frames to create a retractable awning that adds curb appeal and protects you from a hot deck.  

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